Please read the following ~
How do I confirm my reservation?
Please check your e-mail for confirmation letter and read instructions.
I need to correct my reservation, what should I do?
Please write your request to and tell us four last digits of your reservation phone number.
How do I meet the driver?
Airport Pick-Up: your driver will meet you in arrival zone in the airport with name sign.

Sending from city: your driver will contact you on arrival to your stay.
What if my flight is delayed?
We will meet you despite any delays. Taxi price is fixed, we will NOT charge you with additional money.
What is the taxi charge? Is it round trip price?
Taxi charge is 1400 RUB for passenger car (1-3 passengers) and 1900 RUB for mini-van (4-6 passengers). This is one-way price.
What is the price for additional service like ViewPoint Visit, Baby Seat etc.?
All extra service is free. The service with extra charge is USIM card delivery.
Can I pay with KRW, USD? Can I pay by card?
We ask our guests to pay in cash in Russian rubbles. If you don't have Russian currency, your driver will show you ATM in the airport where you can get some cash without commission. You can only pay in cash.
I put plane arrival time in reservation form, but I need time to get my luggage, buy USIM card etc.
We need to know your plane arrival time so we can track flight schedule. Your driver will meet you in arrival zone with name sign.

We can also deliver you USIM card with the driver:

1Gb – 350 RUB
5Gb – 450 RUB
Unlimited – 550 RUB
What USIM do you offer?
We offer Beeline USIM cards. That card can be used as Wi-Fi hot-spot, you can make calls and SMS. USIM card will be blocked on your departure from Vladivostok.
How do I visit Eagle's Nest ViewPoint or seafood market?
ViewPoint visit is 15 minutes (free), seafood market visit is 30 minutes (also free).
I booked BearTours. When do I get confirmation letter?
We will contact you to confirm your tour on the day of your arrival to Vladivostok.